Rc/Vehicle Verify

Bulk RC/ Vehicle Verification API## Overview

Vehicle RC can help identify stolen vehicles and also to check if a particular person is the claimed owner of a vehicle or not. Our RTO API helps users to verify a vehicle and also checks the RC details in no time. Now with this Bulk RC/ Vehicle Verification API, you will be able to verify 1000’s of RC/ Vehicle no. within seconds to check its credibility & RC details.


  1. To fasten the process of verifying 1000s of RC’s in one go, which saves a lot of time of the entity providing the inputs.
  2. The APIs results are credible and accurate. Providing all the necessary information associated with the RC’s.
  3. The API will easily detect fake RCs.


  1. Partner will integrate the RC/ Vehicle Verification API.
  2. Use case of verification API would be defined by the partner
  3. To check the authenticity of the RC/ Vehicle number, One needs to upload an excel sheet of all 1000’s RC/ Vehicle no. mentioned in it and straight away upload it onto the API.
  4. After entering the requested detail the RC/ Vehicle would be verified and in response the partner would be getting the below mentioned Authentication API Outcomes.

Process Flow

Bulk Verification RC/Vehicle Image