DIN Verification API verifies the directorship of the firm in order to make better-informed decisions just with one click.


DIN verification API helps you to verify directors identify just by entering their DIN Number. This allows user to verify the information provided.


  • Instantaneously validate the Directors' information by asking about their DIN Number.
  • PaySprint will confirm the details and present you with the name associated with the DIN ID.
  • It’s quick and easy, with little to no delay.
  • Charges will be levied only for requests with a successful response. Successful response means whether a document was valid or invalid or whether records existed in the corresponding database or not.
  • There are no charges levied for API calls failing due to source downtime or internal server

Use Cases

  • Identity Confirmation: Confirm the identity of a director by cross-referencing the provided full name and date of birth (DOB) with official records.
  • Background Checks: Conduct background checks by reviewing the provided full name and father's name to ensure the director's credibility and integrity.
  • Compliance Assessment & Due Diligence: Assess regulatory compliance by verifying the nationality and address details of directors by comparing the present and permanent addresses provided in the API response with official records.
  • Risk Management: Use the API response to assess potential risks associated with directors by analysing discrepancies or inconsistencies in the provided information.
  • Fraud Prevention: Mitigate the risk of fraud by verifying the accuracy of the information provided in the API response, such as the full name and address details.
  • Corporate Governance & Auditing Processes: Ensure adherence to corporate governance & Auditing Process standards by confirming the accuracy of director information provided in the API response.
  • Company Filings: Companies must submit numerous paperwork and returns with regulatory bodies. These filings frequently entail supplying the directors’ DINs. DIN no verification verifies that the information supplied is valid and up to current.

Authentication API’s outcome

Process Flow: