Fuel Price Fetch API provides developers and users access to real-time fuel prices for various types of fuel, such as petrol and diesel, it can be used to create applications or services that offer users with fuel price information, such as price comparison websites, mobile apps, and navigation systems. Businesses can also use them to analyze fuel pricing, manage fuel expenses, and optimize fuel usage.


  1. Fuel Price fetch API provides information about the real-time fuel prices of petrol and diesel.
  2. It will also provide information about changes to the fuel price.
  3. It aims to help in improving cost efficiency in the transportation industry by offering the best spot to obtain fuel.


  • Fuel Price Fetch API is very efficient, trusted and hence, is fully capable of operating in high demanding environments.
  • When you use our Fuel Price Fetch API, you just have to enter the City for which you want to know the price for and the system will give you the result like Citystate Code, Diesel Price, petrolPrice, price date and request_id.

Steps Involved

  1. Partner will integrate the Fuel Price Fetch API.
  2. Use case of the verification API would be defined by the partner itself
  3. An individual would be providing the city he/she wants to check the price for to the merchant, or in some cases, the merchant itself will provide the state to the partner.

Authentication API’s Outcome

Process Flow