Why do we need a security check before partnering or hiring individuals & companies?
Do not engage in any illegal activities or fraud, due to your partner. You verify that the person
you are engaging with doesn’t have any criminal charges against them or some ongoing
cases against them. So, this API will find out all the suspicious & illegal activities performed
by the company.


  1. To check the Legal history of a company or an individual.
  2. To measure the risk of the person or company indulging in another fraudulent activity.
  3. To see the status of the ongoing case & a set of blogs by some lawyers would be
    showcased to you, explaining the risk associated with the case.
  4. To minimize the risk of engaging with individuals or companies involved in illegal
    activities, thereby safeguarding your interests.


PaySprint has India's largest database of court records, providing you with the fastest and
most accurate legal reports. Whether you are providing loans or insurance we can help
reduce your risks. Join us to make your decisions informed, and easy. With just a few Input
parameters, we would be able to give you all the details about an individual person or
company's whole legal history that will tell us the risk associated with them based on the
classification of court cases they’re indulged in.


Real time reports would be given wtihin 15 mins from the time of request sent.

Continuous Checks

We'll keep an eye on the cases against the requested individuals and companies with our
Crimewatch feature, and you'll be notified as soon as new cases are found in the records.

Case Status & Blogs

For ongoing cases, the API provides information about the current status of the case.
Additionally, it showcases blogs or articles written by lawyers that explain the risks
associated with the specific case.

Risk Assessment

The API classifies the gathered legal history data to determine the level of risk associated
with the individual or company. This classification helps assess the likelihood of engaging in
fraudulent or illegal activities.

Process Flow: