Getting Started

SprintVerify for Developers

Welcome to the world of Verification & Validation APIs i.e. SprintVerify, a unified open API platform that checks all the pointers below

  • Reduces Time to Market
  • Real-time document verification
  • Digital Onboarding
  • High Scalability

SprintVerify is designed to democratise the verification process for the masses. One can verify all major documents in real-time, with just a click!
SprintVerify delivers a first-of-its-kind, A.I-Powered Document Verification experience that is Fast, Secure & Reliable.

It enables businesses to easily implement an online document verification process without the requirement of specialised technological skills or coding knowledge. This means that the process can be initiated & managed by non-technical personnel, reducing the need for technical resources & minimising the time and cost of implementing our platform.
The A.I-driven platform automates the document verification process, drastically reducing human errors & increasing efficiency.
SprintVerify helps increase security through its advanced authentication techniques & document validation methods. It also helps to reduce the risk of fraud & identity theft by verifying the authenticity of documents and ensuring that only authorised individuals have access to sensitive information.

Its revolutionary “Click2Verify” characteristic, the No-Code Document Verification Platform, greatly eases the otherwise tedious process of verifying documents & onboarding partners, customers or users.

The user’s verification process is simplified & streamlined, making it easier for them to submit their documents & complete the verification process. This improves the overall user experience and increases user satisfaction.
It can be used in a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, and more. This flexibility allows businesses and organisations in different industries to implement a document verification process that meets their specific needs & regulatory requirements.
SprintVerify’s WhiteLabeled Solution can be tailored to the unique document verification requirements of clients & users, including the types of documents to be verified, the authentication methods used, and the user interface.

We have listed some real-world applications that we have witnessed :

  • The easy document verification process has empowered grameen businesses to quickly onboard customers, users, employees & partners.
  • Our NBFCs, Banks & Payment Gateway partners have upped their anti-fraud protection, risk management & customer identity verification.
  • E-commerce partners verify customer information, such as shipping addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, to minimise fraud & improve the customer experience.
  • Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers verify their patient information, insurance coverage, & authorization for medical procedures.
  • Telecom partners verify their customer information & prevent fraudulent activities, such as unauthorised use of services or identity theft.
  • Our Real Estate partners verify property information, such as ownership, zoning, and building codes, to support transactions & regulatory compliance.
  • Educational Institutions verify student information, such as admission status and enrollment, to support record-keeping and compliance with regulations.
  • Gaming companies verify player information, such as age & location, to comply with legal requirements and prevent underage gaming.
  • Our partners’ HR Departments verify employees before taking them on by checking their EPFO status.
  • Vehicle Insurance companies verify their applicants through our RC Verification API.
  • Our partners that operate B2B, verify GST Certificates before onboarding their partners.

As a conclusion of sorts, SprintVerify has empowered organisations across myriad industries to provide the most convenient, simple & easy verification process for their customers at the time of joining, or otherwise. It makes the customer’s life much easier by uncomplicating the time-consuming & tedious process of verifying themselves for any entity. The customer is ensured a novel ease of interacting with the entity & the entity ensures easy, thorough compliance with the regulatory bodies.

Additionally, for every user on our platform, SprintVerify has reduced the need for physical documents, leading to reduced paper usage and the associated environmental impact.