The Shop Establishment registration is a state -based registration required while establishing a hotel, shop, or any commercial place. It is relevant for every new shop/establishment to get it registered under the Shops and Establishment Act.


The registration of any business is mandatory to govern the rights of the workers and their working conditions related to that sector. 
Every business individual including proprietors that runs their business from home needs to register themselves under the Shop and Establishment Act.
To prevent people from forgeries and other frauds the shop establishment license verification is beneficial.


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Steps Involved

1. Partner will integrate the Shop and establishment act verification API.
2. Use case of the verification API would be defined by the partner
3. To check the authenticity of shop and establishment registration, one just needs to insert the shop and establishment registration number and state code
4. After entering the requested details, the shop and establishment would be verified, and in response the partner would get the below mentioned Authentication API Outcomes.

Authentication API’s Outcome

se_number: Shop and establishment number
state_code: Unique code of the state
state_name: Name of the state
business_name: Name of the business
address: Address of the business
user_mobile_number: Mobile number of the user
registration_number: Registration number of the business
registration_date: Date on which the business registered
category: Category of the business
certificate_number: Certificate number of the registered business
document_link: Shop and establishment document link

Process Flow