Reverse Geo Location API


Reverse GEO location API converts Geographical latitude and longitude co-ordinates to a human readable address. The API’s response contains multiple relevant fields that are essential for any business to perfectly identify a location through the input of longitude and latitude.


The Reverse GEO location API helps with obtaining a human readable address and can assist businesses in knowing the exact locations of their consumers in order to serve them more efficiently. The goal is to empower all enterprises that use latitude and longitude to locate consumers and resources.


  • The reverse GEO location API is incredibly efficient and reliable, and it is fully capable of running in any institution that uses geographical coordinates.
  • The inputs are the latitude and longitude, and the API will fetch accurate information leading to the exact address.
  • The API fetches at least 9 relevant fields that are required to reach any specific address.

Steps Involved

  1. Partner will integrate Reverse GEO Location API.
  2. Use case of the API will be defined by the partner.
  3. An individual will providing his/her geographical co-ordinates to the merchant, or in some cases, the merchant will provide the geographic co-ordinates to the partner
  4. After entering the co-ordinates, the API will fetch results containing exact address of the entered co-ordinates.

API Input

This API requires 2 inputs to fetch the accurate geo location-

  1. Latitude Co-ordinates
  2. Longitude Co-ordinates

Reverse GEO Location API’s Outcome

Process Flow