IP Lookup API


IP Lookup API takes IP Address of a device as the input and returns the details of the IP Address as
the output. The API is developed keeping in mind the various use cases of it in the businesses.


The IP lookup API provides information of the IP address and is very useful for businesses in a
variety of business operations such as improving security, fraud prevention, geolocation,
compliance, and many more.


  • The IP Lookup API is incredibly efficient and reliable, and it is fully capable of running in any
    institution that requires an IP Lookup.
  • The only input is IP address, then the API will fetch accurate information regarding the
  • The API fetches many relevant fields that are required to get information of the IP address.

Steps Involved

  1. Partner will integrate IP Lookup API.
  2. Use case of the API will be defined by the partner, it can be used for improving
    security, fraud prevention, geolocation, compliance, etc.
  3. An individual will be providing IP address to the merchant, or in some cases, the
    merchant IP address to the partner.
  4. After entering the IP Address, the API will fetch results containing operator
    information of the IP Address

API Input

This API requires only one input – IP Address.

Mobile Operator Check API’s Outcome

Process Flow