Universal Account Number


SprintVerify presents the UAN Verification API, an advanced solution facilitating the swift and accurate validation of Universal Account Numbers (UANs) issued by the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) in India. This API empowers organizations to verify UANs efficiently by providing inputs such as PAN Number, Mobile Number, or Aadhaar Number, offering a comprehensive approach to employee verification

Key Features

Effortless and Quick Verification:

  • SprintVerify's UAN Verification API ensures a seamless and rapid verification process. By accepting inputs like PAN Number, Mobile Number, or Aadhaar Number, users can obtain response data within seconds, streamlining the validation of UANs.

Versatile Input Options:

  • Unlike traditional methods, SprintVerify's API allows users to verify UANs using various identification inputs, including PAN Number, Mobile Number, or Aadhaar Number. This versatility enhances the user experience and accommodates different preferences for accessing UAN-related information.

Trusted and Efficient Operation:

  • The UAN Verification API by SprintVerify operates with trust and efficiency, regardless of the input type. Its versatility allows organizations to choose the identification method that aligns with their processes, ensuring a reliable solution for UAN verification and access to crucial employment details.


Plug and Play Integration:

  • SprintVerify's UAN Verification API remains user-friendly with its plug-and-play integration. Organizations can effortlessly incorporate the API into their systems, choosing from multiple input options (PAN Number, Mobile Number, or Aadhaar Number) without compromising on ease of use.

Fraud Prevention and Comprehensive Data Extraction:

  • In addition to UAN verification, the API extracts multiple employment data points, including name, guardian name, and employment history. This comprehensive approach enhances the verification process and aids organizations in preventing fraudulent activities related to employee information.

Accurate and Reliable Results:

  • SprintVerify's commitment to accuracy is maintained across various input types. The system cross-checks information from official departments, ensuring precise and legitimate results, whether the input is a PAN Number, Mobile Number, or Aadhaar Number.


SprintVerify's UAN Verification API stands as a versatile and reliable solution, allowing organizations to verify UANs effortlessly using PAN Number, Mobile Number, or Aadhaar Number as input. With a focus on user-friendliness, fraud prevention, and accurate data extraction, SprintVerify enables organizations to streamline their processes, reduce errors, and maintain regulatory compliance in the context of EPFO-related transactions and employee verification.