DigiLocker, an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under the Digital India campaign, is an online service that facilitates the digitization of documents in India. It offers every Aadhaar holder a cloud-based account to access authenticated digital copies of various documents and certificates. These include driving licenses, vehicle registrations, academic mark sheets, and more, directly from the original issuers. Additionally, each account is allocated 1GB of storage space to upload scanned copies of legacy documents.

With DigiLocker, sharing documents online becomes simple and convenient, as they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. These digital copies are legally recognized by the government of India and can serve as substitutes for the original documents when required. They are authenticated by the users themselves and originate from registered issuers such as the Income Tax Department, CBSE, Registrar Office, and others.

Key Features of DigiLocker

Reduces Operational Cost: DigiLocker minimizes administrative overhead by streamlining the verification process, enabling paperless verification.

Digital Transformation: Issued documents are available in real-time through DigiLocker, expediting the Know Your Customer (KYC) process within seconds.

Secure Document Gateway: Acting as a trusted gateway between issuers and requesters, DigiLocker ensures secure document transmission with the consent of the citizen.

Real-Time Verification: Government agencies can verify data obtained from issuers after receiving user consent, thanks to DigiLocker's verification module.

Share Documents: Documents stored in DigiLocker are authentic and legally equivalent to their physical counterparts, allowing for external sharing.

Why Choose SprintVerify APIs for DigiLocker?

SprintVerify APIs for DigiLocker offer the following advantages:

Document Verification across Industries: These APIs enable document verification across various industries, delivering tested results.

Flexible API-Based Flow: Enjoy a fully flexible registration and verification process with the convenience of API integration.

Unused API Hits Rollover: Any unused API hits credits can be carried forward and adjusted as needed.

Enhanced Conversion Rates: By eliminating the need for customers to submit physical documents, conversion rates can be improved.

Identity Fraud Prevention: Aadhaar information can be fetched through DigiLocker, mitigating the risk of identity fraud.

RBI KYC Compliance: DigiLocker is recognized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a KYC-compliant solution.

Seamless Two-Step Flow: The Aadhaar and One-Time Password (OTP) verification process ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Extensive Customer Base: DigiLocker boasts a vast customer base, offering massive coverage and accessibility.

Supported Documents in DigiLocker

DigiLocker supports a wide range of legal and government-issued documents, including:

PAN card
Voter ID card
Aadhaar card
Driver's license
Vehicle registration certificates
Policy documents
Student mark sheets, and more.

With DigiLocker, individuals can securely store and access their important documents, contributing to a paperless and digitally empowered society.