Liveness Check API is an important process for any public or private organization that needs an API to reduce the risk of identity fraud. 
This API has numerous applications in industries such as digital banking, telecom, fintech, aviation, and so on.


Liveness Check is essential to detect whether a face is real (from an actual person) or fake (from an artifact such as a photo, fake video, or mask). 
The Liveness Check APIs provided by PaySprint are the best available in the segment. 
The APIs use high-accuracy algorithms to determine a living person's face while also preventing identity fraud. We provide smooth and flawless service to all our customers.


Plug and Play
The Liveness Check API is straightforward and integration is effortless. We provide a simple and user-friendly interface.
Prevent Fraud
The Liveness Check API protects against identity fraud by preventing spoofing and deepfake attacks.

Accurate and Reliable
Our APIs are powered by high-accuracy AI algorithms to determine a living person’s face while also preventing identity fraud.

Steps Involved

1. Partner will integrate the Liveness Check API.
2. Use case of the Liveness Check API would be defined by the partner itself.
3. An individual user would be prompted to click and upload a selfie/video selfie, or in some cases,
   the partner’s merchant would click and upload the user’s selfie/video selfie.
4. After uploading the selfie/video selfie, the user’s liveness would be checked and, in response, the partner
   would get the below-mentioned Liveness Check API Outcomes

Process Flow