Email authentication involves the process of checking whether an email address is accurate, valid, and deliverable. And an email verification tool does exactly that; it is responsible for checking these aspects.


If you keep sending emails to the wrong or invalid address, it will result in higher bounce rates. 
Not to mention, ISPs could begin treating your email address as spam. 
Hence, all your emails will go straight to the user’s spam folders, and no one will read them. Therefore to not let this happen, you need to use an Email authentication API which will help reducing these frauds and will save your time and effort.


● An email authentication API (also called email verification API) is a tool that automatically checks your mailing
  list for mistyped email addresses, domains, or disposable email IDs
● It ensures deliverability.

Step Involved

1. Partner will integrate the Email authentication API.
2. Use case of the authentication API would be defined by the partner itself
3. An individual would be providing his/her email id to the merchant, or in some cases, the merchant itself will
   provide the email id to the partner
4. After entering the requested details, the email would be authenticated and, in response, the partner would get
the below mentioned Authentication API Outcomes.

Process Flow