Discover the power of the CIBIL Consumer Report—a comprehensive tool fueled by a wealth of updates from our expansive member network. Dive deep into the credit histories of potential and existing borrowers, gaining invaluable insights that enable confident lending decisions. With this enhanced understanding, you can effectively mitigate risks and drive greater profitability for your business. Plus, our advanced Credit Score goes beyond the basics, incorporating a range of predictive data elements—from precise payment details to nuanced account-level behaviors—tailored to suit various product segments.

How credit score works

The score ranges from 300 to 900, where a higher score indicates a lower credit risk. It's a versatile tool applicable across various credit products and stages of the consumer journey, from acquisition to portfolio management. This score accurately forecasts a borrower's structural risk, assessing the likelihood of defaulting (90+ DPD) on one or more tradelines within the next 12 months.
Moreover, the Credit Score offers a solution for individuals with limited credit history, previously considered unscorable. For those with no credit footprint on the TransUnion CIBIL consumer bureau, a score output of -1 is provided, ensuring inclusivity and comprehensive evaluation.