Download CKYC ID

Download the CKYC details of a person using his/her CKYC ID by retrieving it from the Search API and his/her 'Date of Birth' / 'Mobile number' / 'Pincode + year of birth' from the Central Know Your Customer (CKYC) database.

Refer here for CKYC Download Documentation



Please refer to docs to know about the Auth Factor type (1, 2, 3).

Auth Factor

1Date of birth in the format: "yyyy-mm-dd".
Example: "1993-03-29".
2A combination of the 6-digit pin code and the year of birth.
Example: "5600171992" where 560017 is the pin code and 1992 is the year of birth.
3A valid 10-digit mobile number of the person whose AADHAAR is linked with.
Example: "9001122339".
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